In UNICER we love the number One. That is why we want to celebrate a series of offers and promotions between the 1/11/11 and the 11/11/11 in order to commemorate this date which only occurs every 100 years. Just register for the promotion and you will be able to win a Hannspreee SK42TMNB 42" TV. All natural or legal persons participating in this draw must comply the conditions attached to these rules 
We wish you good luck in advance. 
1. - Aim of the promotion
This promotion is organized by UNIVERSAL CERÁMICA SL (UNICER from now on) in the form of "drawing" of the prizes offered. The draw will be held on the 31st of October 2011. 
The purpose of this promotion is to promote the image of the company and the products offered to the market. 
The territorial scope of the draw is the whole world. 
UNICER is committed to communicate this promotion to its customers, at least through advertising in
2. - Acceptance of the Promotion Rules
Participants agree to specifically fulfill each and every one of the rules in this draw. In case of not wanting to participate in the drawing, the contestant should inform about it prior to the draw date to:
UNIVERSAL CERÁMICA S.L. - Ctra. de Onda s/n -C.P. 12110 Alcora - (Castellón) Spain CE Apdo (P.O. Box) 87
Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in exclusion from the participant of this draw or loss of the prize. Any doubt or disagreement with these rules and draw will be resolved by UNICER without appeal. UNICER reserves the right to change or suspend this draw. 
Contestants can consult the rules and terms of this draw during the period when the promotion is valid on the website:
3. - Eligibility for participants 
Any person of age can participate in the Promotion. 
To enter the Promotion, you must fill in the form of the page with the following information: 
- Participant's name and surname
- Participant’s E-mail address 
- Company to which he or she belongs (in case of belonging to professional category) 
- Country 
- If you are a client; professional or private sector 
Is a prerequisite for participating in the Promotion to fill in all and each data set; which must be true, accurate, current and authentic. 
Participation in the Promotion is free and does not require any additional cost or expense. 
People linked by employment or commercial relationships to both Organizer Company and collaborating companies, as well as their relatives in the third degree cannot participate in Promotion.
Therefore, the Organizer Company is not responsible in any way for the forms that do not meet the requirements outlined above. 
4. - Participating in the Promotion “Join the One” will follow the following rules: 
1. Participants can take part in the draw of a Hannspreee SK42TMNB 42" TV only if they: 
a. Have correctly filled out the form on the Web. Or…
b. Have correctly and readable filled out the brochure that has been distributed. 
2. In case of non correct personal details or if it is impossible for UNICER to locate the winners, UNICER will select five participants as substitutes. First of all a winning number (corresponding to the order of registration number) will be drawn. After that five numbers will be drawn as substitutes in strict order. These substitutes would become winners in consecutive order if the winning number does not comply with all obligations specified in these rules to collect prize, or if the winner renounces the prize. 
3. Winners will not be valid if: 
• The participant has not filled out truthfully all information required 
• The participant is employee / collaborator of UNICER or relative. 
• The participant has failed to fulfil in any way the philosophy of promotion. 
4. The draw will be conducted by an automated procedure at random. 
UNICER will publish the personal details of the winners no later than the 10th of November 2011. UNICER will award the winner a Hannspreee SK42TMNB 42" TV. 
5. The winner will be notified by e-mail at the most of one month from the draw. He or she will be provided with all necessary data to pick up his/her prize. In the same way, the list of the winner and substitutes will be posted on the website

5. - Prize 
A Hannspreee SK42TMNB 42" TV will be drawn among all participants. The prize is valued at approximately € 400 (four hundred Euros). 
6. - Prize giving 
The prize will be awarded to the winner or the appropriate substitute within the 3 months following the draw. After this date unclaimed prizes will become property of the contest organizer, in this case UNICER. 
You must provide a photocopy of the DNI (ID Number) to UNICER in order to pick up the prize. 
The winner states that he or she holds enough capacity to act consistently and is fully empowered to authorise UNICER totally free through his/her agreement and acceptance to incorporate pictures and use the whole or part of his/her image and name on the website and proceed to carry out those actions (fixation, reproduction, public communication, availability, processing ...) which are necessary for this purpose, for an indefinite period of time and throughout the world. 
After twenty calendar days from the draw, if UNICER cannot locate the winner, he or she loses his/her rights and the prize is assigned to the first substitute from the list. 
The winner or, if applicable, the substitute who may receive the prize, must send the “Prize Acceptance Document” duly signed to UNICER. This document will be provided to the winner by UNICER after the draw. If UNICER does not receive the acceptance of the prize within thirty calendar days after the communication of the prize, it will be transferred to the substitute. 
There is no possibility to transfer the prize to another person designated by the winner. In case of rejecting the prize, it will be transferred to the substitute. 
The shipping of the prize will be paid by UNICER. 
7. - Cancellation or expansion of the draws 
UNICER as Organizer Company reserves the right to modify or cancel any of the draws, for any reason. UNICER will not be liable for any responsibility in this regard.
8. - Processing of personal data 
In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that all information you provide via form will be included in a database property of UNICER in UNIVERSAL CERÁMICA S.L. - Ctra. de Onda s/n - C.P.:12110 Alcora - (Castellón) Spain CE Apdo (P.O. Box) 87, with the aim of managing the draw and prize presentation to the winner.
The simple acceptance of the prize by the winner will necessarily entail the authorization to UNICER to use his/her name and image in advertising materials related to this promotion in all types of media.
The data provided will become part of a database managed by UNICER, which will be set for future communications. 
The participant may exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data by written notification to UNICER in the direction indicated above. 
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